Club Events

The club calendar can be found here.

The board meeting will be Wednesday, November 4th, Cancun Mexican restraurant at 7:00pm. Cancun is located on Overland Road just east of Cole (nearby Outback).

The membership meeting will be Thursday, November 5th, at 7:00pm at the Boise Public Library, located on 9th street. The meeting will be held in the Marion Bingham Room on the 3rd floor of the library.

Star Parties

The first star party will be at Dedication Point, on Saturday, November 7th. For directions go to the Maps and Photos link on the BAS1 yahoo group.
The second star party will also be at the Dedication Point location, on Saturday, November 14th.
Watch the BAS1 group for last minute star party information and Go/No-Go updates.

Sky Watcher

The club news letter is now available for download. SkyWatcher2015.11.pdf 1.1 Mb

Observing Program

BAS is sponsoring an observing program, the Deep Sky 101. For more information, or to get started check out the program page here.

President's Letter

This month, the BAS board will meet on Wednesday, November 4th, at 7:00 p.m. at Cancun Mexican Restaurant in Boise. It is located on Overland Road just east of Cole Road (near the Outback Steakhouse). All BAS members are welcome to join us for dinner (order off menu). We will continue to work on our plans for the 2016 season. Another important item on the meeting agenda will be a vote on an amendment to the BAS bylaws that will limit the terms for any office to a maximum of five (5) years. If approved, the membership will have the opportunity to overturn this decision at the December membership meeting (should any of you object). The language of the amendment can be found on the BAS1 yahoo group as well as in this issue of the club newsletter Skywatcher.

The monthly membership meeting will take place on Thursday, November 5th at 7 p.m. in the Marion Bingham room on the 3rd floor of the Boise Public Library! Bailey Nielsen, our club’s webmaster, will be giving a presentation on what she did for her summer vacation. Here’s a hint…she worked as a staff member at the Bruneau Dunes Observatory!

We are winding down from the 2015 observing season and are starting to look forward to next year. This includes the upcoming election of officers for 2016, which will take place at the membership meeting/holiday potluck dinner next month. There are big changes in store for our organization, as both the current president and treasurer will be stepping down from these positions.

Lastly, we have begun to collect membership dues for 2016. We have kept these dues constant for several years, at $25/family. We want each of you to continue to enjoy the benefits that come with being a member of BAS. These include opportunities to participate in weekend campground star parties (like Farewell Bend and Ponderosa) as well as involvement in public and school star parties. In addition, membership includes the opportunity to attend member-only meetings like the July pizza & ice cream social and the December holiday potluck dinner, as well as any meetings that take place at a local planetarium (entrance fees paid for out of your club dues). You also receive a membership in the Astronomical League, which entitles you to get copies of the quarterly publication The Reflector as well as to earn observing awards based on completion of League observing programs. There are many benefits of membership, and we encourage all of you to consider renewing for 2016.

Amendment to BAS Bylaws:

The term of office for any single individual to serve in any particular position, whether elected or appointed, shall be limited to 5 years. This does not limit the number of years a member may serve on the board; it will only limit the number of consecutive years a person may hold a specific elected or appointed position. Each year the membership will choose who will fill the board positions through the annual election in December. This amendment will go into effect beginning January 1st of the year following the approval by the board. The term for any currently serving individual shall commence effective January 1st of the year following the approval of this amendment by the board.

Dr. Irwin Horowitz, PhD.
President BAS

SOHO EIT 304 Latest Image (click image for larger view)

Courtesy of SOHO/EIT consortium. SOHO is a project of international cooperation between ESA and NASA.
The SOHO project home page can be found here.